Lignin LS-50

Lignin LS-50

For Road Dust Control and Stabilization

Lignin LS-50 is a free flowing, dark brown liquid that contains natural cellulose binders. The unique bonding properties of these binders make Lignin LS-50 ideally suited as a stabilizer and dist control agent on unpaved roads. Once properly applied, Lignin LS-50 saturates the fine particles bonding them to the courser aggregate. This tight bond leads to the development of a stable dust free surface. Lignin LS-50 has been evaluated by the U.S. Army and proven to be highly effective in controlling dust and stabilizing unpaved roads. A 50% reduction in rock replacement and 80% reduction in grading requirements are typically observed. Lignin LS-50 is extensively used by the military, county road departments, mining operations, steel mills, truck terminals, etc.

Physical Characteristics
Lignin LS-50 weighs 10 pounds per gallon. It is environmentally safe, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-toxic. The FDA has approved this product in animal feed (ref.21CFR573.600 and AAFCO rule Chapter 5, Section 87.2). It is not listed as hazardous by the EPA or MSHA.

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